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Arrest records are documents that detail interactions between law enforcement officers, and those they arrest. Find out more about them here. Thanks to the Freedom of Information act, every Virginian can enjoy public record, criminal records, court records, and more.

It is home to the town of Herndon. This means they are able to access public records by law.

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The largest town there is Dumfries. The people of this county can look up and research public, court, criminal, and arrest records. The third largest county in Virginia, Loudoun County is home to the town of Leesburg. Public records, court records, criminal records, and arrest records are all available to the public here.

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The county of Chesterfield is the fourth biggest county in the state of Virginia. It is also home to the town of Chester. The people of Chesterfield have open access to public records by law.

Beginning in , statewide registration of marriages was required See Research Notes Number 2. These registers exist for all counties but may be incomplete, especially during the Civil War. The registers list the date of the marriage, the names of both parties, their ages, marital status, places of birth and residence, parents' names, the groom's occupation, and the name of the minister performing the marriage. The county marriage registers are usually indexed by the names of both the groom and the bride. In addition, there is a statewide Bureau of Vital Statisics marriage index, , available at the Library on microfilm.

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Before the disestablishment of the Anglican church in , there was no legal divorce. In some instances, a financial separation between husband and wife was recorded in a deed book. From , divorces were accomplished by legislative petition.

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After , divorces were recorded in the county or circuit court order books. County court order books or minute books have survived for many Virginia counties. They record all matters brought before the court when it was in session and may contain important information not found anywhere else. Generally minute books contain brief entries, while order books provide synopses of cases in a neater, more organized form.

These volumes are sometimes internally indexed; more rarely, there is a comprehensive index. A wide variety of information is found in order books including: appointments of county and militia officers, records of legal disputes heard before the county court, appointments of guardians, apprenticeship of children by the overseers of the poor, naturalizations, road orders, and registrations of free Negroes.

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When an individual acts as a trustee for another, the relationship is described as a fiduciary one. The protection of inherited property both real and personal was an important reason for the creation of court records. When minor children survived a parent, a guardian was often appointed to protect the estate for the children.

Appointments of guardians are recorded in the county court order books. In the index, the guardian appointments may be listed in the name of the orphan, the name of the guardian, or under the general category "orphans. A guardian was appointed by the court only if there was an estate to protect.

At age thirteen, a child was eligible to go into court and choose his own guardian. Poor orphaned children did not have guardians and were bound out to learn a trade. In the colonial period, this was handled by the vestry of each Anglican parish. After disestablishment, the orphans were bound out by the overseers of the poor for the county. Records of apprenticeship are found in the county court order books.

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Periodically guardians were required to bring estate accounts into court. These were often recorded in volumes known as guardians accounts. The estate of a deceased person with minor children required the keeping of records estate or fiduciary until it was settled. This occurred when the last minor child married or arrived at legal age. Records of this sort are found in will books, estate account books, and fiduciary or audit books. In many cases, the original record books and loose papers suit papers have remained in the locality where they were created and are kept in the office of the circuit court clerk. Microfilm copies of extant record books are available at the Library of Virginia from the date of the formation of the county or city to approximately , along with a growing collection of post-Civil War holdings.

Microfilm copies are also available through interlibrary loan. Probate Records Wills, inventories, appraisals, estate accounts, and divisions of estates were usually recorded in will books. Deeds The most commonly recorded deed is a deed of bargain and sale , in which one individual sells property, usually land, but occasionally personal property, to another individual. Marriages Prior to when the commonwealth began recording vital statistics, Virginia marriage records are found at the county or city level.

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County Court Order Books County court order books or minute books have survived for many Virginia counties. Mail the request to:. If the marriage occurred in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the circuit court is unknown, the Division of Vital Records in Richmond can provide copies. The addresses are:. Box Richmond, VA For more information please visit the Vital Records web site or call Circuit Court. Department Resources Circuit Court. Online Services. Court Information. Civil Case Information. Criminal Case Information.