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Clair Shores Warren. Being Investigated? Retail Fraud Embezzlement Larceny.

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Possession of Marijuana Felony Drug Possession. I see clients on a daily basis who have have never been involved with the police and have never hurt a person in their life. It's quite common that a good person will get themselves in a bad situation, which results in being charged with Michigan Resisting Arrest.

These deputies pull double-duty as crime prevention and training specialists when school is out. We are proud of the accredited Warren County Jail. A professional team of corrections officers and supervisors administrate the nearly three hundred prisoners housed daily in the facility.

au.agupubaf.tk We believe that training is the key to face the challenges of increasing needs while being ever mindful in spending precious tax dollars wisely. As a leader in the local law enforcement community, one of our goals is to provide the best training available to all law enforcement officers in the county.

We are proud of our practice of opening our classrooms to every law enforcement agency in the county. We believe our training is second-to-none and cutting edge in modern law enforcement.