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Managing your Zip account. How do I change my phone number and email address. How do I increase my Zip Pay credit limit? How do I increase my Zip Money credit limit? Suggested articles What should I do if my scheduled payment fails? Basically, a phonebook in reverse. So, I started to think of new ways I could reliably obtain the phone number assigned to an email address. I reflected on the steps I took to get this far. I was abusing the password reset function of online services to collect a few phone number digits assigned to an email….

I reset the password putting an email… and I get a few digits back. Can I… reset the password by entering a phone number and get a few email characters back? Turns out, there are popular services, like Amazon and Twitter, that allow you to reset the password by entering a phone number and get an email to complete the process. Most importantly, it will display a few characters of the email address it will send the link to.

How do you track phone number locations?

Twitter shows you the first two characters of the username and the first one of the domain. You also will know the length by counting the asterisks. Reduce the possible phone number list by discarding non-existing area codes, exchanges and subscriber numbers using NANPA and the National Pooling Administration publicly available data. By following these steps, you will be able to obtain the full ten digit phone number associated to the email address, without having to make one single call!

Just by abusing password reset options and bruteforcing efficiently using publicly available information. The attack vector above can be done manually. You can use services like namechk to pinpoint where to go harvest digits. It also supports the use of proxy servers.

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What we are doing is starting the password reset for different phone numbers. This means that the services cannot detect you based on a specific phone number you are hammering on. There are multiple other services that allow password reset using phone numbers that can be used for the same purpose. The tool supports Amazon and Twitter for bruteforcing.

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The idea is to get support from the community through pull requests to support additional ones. You can find the tool in my github repo. Therefore, I am working on a new online service that would allow you ti generate lists of possible phone numbers. It will have multi-country support, it will give you much more information and details, it will have historical records and most importantly, advanced filters.

You may have intel that the person is from California, phonerator will take into account only those area codes. I am still working on the tool and collecting all data. Please stay tuned for updates and release dates on my twitter account. I am from Spain myself and Spanish mobile phone numbers have interesting properties as well.

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For starters, all mobile phone numbers start with the digit 6 and recently 7. Also, phone numbers are only 9 digits long. Why is that important? Well, I know one digit from the beginning and services like eBay or LastPass do not adjust their mask to leak less digits for shorter phone numbers. Therefore, if my target is from Spain, just with LastPass I know 5 out of the 9 digits.

Console: Getting Started with Phone Number Regulatory Compliance - Twilio

My next step was to look for countries that had very short numbers. Take Iceland, Estonia or San Salvador with 7 digit phone numbers. All eBay customers from these countries have 5 out of 7 digits exposed to anyone that knows their email address. Just by knowing their email address….

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  5. By understanding the properties of a country phone number system and taking advantage of websites that do not adjust their masking to leak less digits on shorter numbers, it is possible to harvest all digits of the phone number. I showed you how to go from an email address to a phone number. So what? Is that really so bad? The lack of a standardized way to mask PII leads to different approaches taken by online services.

    Enter any U.S. or International Phone Number

    These are leaking partial information about your email address and phone number in places like the reset password area. It can be abused and automated to scrape pieces of information with the intent of reconstructing the targeted data. It is possible, specially on targeted attacks, to obtain all digits of a phone number associated to an email address.

    Once the attacker is in possession of the phone number, he can use it for other attacks with serious impact that can lead to full account compromise, location tracking and spying. This is specially true in countries with shorter phone numbers, as many services do not adjust their masking to the phone length. Inhabitants of Saint Helena deserve the same security bar as the rest of us with their 5 digits long phone numbers.

    For emails, masking only the username is not sufficient, the domain can provide information about where that person may work. Even the TLD can give away if that person is a student or from which country they might be. My proposal is to allow users to set labels.

    How do I change my phone number and email address

    This way, when the password reset process displays a hint, it will show the label rather than tidbits of PII. Users should not provide their phone number unless strictly required. Many online services ask for it but there is no real business need. Verification of your registered address may vary across individual countries.

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