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Vehicle encumbrance and collateral services. Leasing, renting or hiring-out goods. Selling goods on retention of title or consignment. Enforcing security interests.

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Banking and finance industries. Businesses that rent or hire-out goods and equipment.

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I tend to walk away from any car up to 10 years old that has more than four previous owners from new. I like to think about how easy it will be to sell the car in the future. A five-owner car will be tricky to move on. I have sold many six and seven owner cars but this larger than average number makes things tricky as motorists tend to dwell on ownership as a key factor in their buying decision. If you are looking for previous owners of a used car that are not held on the V5C logbook your first step should be searching through all the service records.

Look for invoices with names, addresses and phone numbers. This is the quickest way to obtain previous ownership details. With legitimate reason, the DVLA will provide you with free car owner information.

New York DMV | Register a vehicle with more than one owner or registrant

CarVeto Checks provide valuable information about the background of a car including:. The car history section of Used Car Guy is listed below. Go ahead and use the links to see what else can be uncovered about a car you own or plan to buy. Related Questions. My system says there is water in the fuel Hi. Yes, water in the fuel will cause knocking. I would advise doing a fuel system maintenance - drain the fuel system all the way to the tank, including the tank.

This will get rid of any water and contaminated How much to fix the front of my engine on a Nissan Altima Without seeing the amount of body damage a proper estimate cannot be given. You will need to seek a auto body shop to get the estimate. We are a mechanical repair service and do not do bodywork. Can an accident cause the alignment to be off and the front left strut to leak even when only the body was damaged visually? If the speed at time of impact was over 10 MPH and you jumped the curb, the alignment can easily be disturbed not to mention the possibility, indeed likelihood if the speed was high enough, of damage to the unibody Recent Brake Pad Replacement reviews.

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