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How to Obtain a Copy of Your Criminal Records in Virginia

Public Records Room. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a long and proud history of providing citizens with full access to records maintained by public officials. The Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court is responsible for recording documents in the above categories and maintaining them in accordance with state law. The public records room is open from a.

The Virginia State Police list the specific requirements that prevent some Virginia residents from getting a concealed carry permit. Jobs in sensitive environments including schools, prisons, hospitals, as first responders, and the in financial industry often require a criminal background check — even periodic reevaluation.

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Hate crimes jumped 21 percent in , with reported incidents. The state has a hate crime law that specifically outlines injuring a person or damaging a building due to a bias against the religious beliefs, color, or race of the victim. The law also bans displaying a noose, burning a cross, or painting a swastika as a means of intimidating a person or group.

Background Check in Virginia

Aggravating factors such as membership in a recognized fringe group that espouses or practices hate crimes often elevates what would normally be misdemeanor charges to the felony level. Those convicted of a felony face more than jail time, as many rights and privileges are automatically suspended, including voting, running for office, gun ownership, federal housing benefits, the ability to join the service, and more. What Criminal Background Report in Virginia includes? Two types of background checks are conducted in Virginia. The Criminal History Records Check SP 7 is useful for most employment and housing decisions, and includes all convictions including juvenile convictions.

This type will not disclose arrests or charge information, which is included in the Criminal History Records Check SP Both types of background checks in Virginia will reveal public criminal records.

Second chances in Virginia

This will include misdemeanors, domestic violence charges, felony convictions, and DUI convictions. SP background checks will include information about arrests and charge information, regardless of whether a conviction occurred. Official SP background checks will only contain court records related to convictions.

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Additional information will need to be sought through the public portal or in person at the relevant courthouse. SP background checks can contain mugshots, witness descriptions, notes from arresting officers, and information about the types of charges filed. These background checks will also include sentencing and conviction documents, documents related to incarceration and rehabilitation, and any other document retained by the state or federal government. Background checks in Virginia can include a great deal of information about the criminal history of an individual.

Both types of background checks will show convictions, but only the SP record will include arrest and charge information. Virginia residents who find incorrect information on an official background check may contact the Virginia State Police and petition to have the record corrected. Review a copy of your criminal history to check its accuracy and completeness, including certification that court-ordered classes, community service, or probation were finished.

Records may be requested here. Background Check in Virginia Sophie Wright. Virginia Background Checks Official background checks in Virginia are useful tools for employers to ensure the employees they hire are a good fit. The Virginia Public Records Act establishes the role of The Library of Virginia in the storage and securing of all public records in the state.

The lists the government officials who must retain documents and when the documents must be submitted to the Library. Members of the public can search the records retained by the Library online and order copies through the website. Most jobs that require a background check in Virginia will need to have a policy in place that prevents the use of background checks for the purpose of discrimination. Firearm Background Checks Virginia. Background checks are required for all gun sales through a licensed firearms dealer in Virginia.

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Private gun sales are not restricted, however the Virginia State Police recommends that sellers retain serial numbers and identifying and contact information of the purchaser. Should a privately sold firearm be found at the scene of a crime, Virginia State Police will trace the weapon to the licensed seller who originally sold the firearm. This could result in legal trouble for the private seller.

Private sellers are advised to consign a firearm for sale through a licensed firearms dealer or contact the Virginia State Police for information to remove an original purchasers name from record. Hate Crime and Criminal Statistics in Virginia. Hate crimes were on the rise in Virginia even before the massive clash in Charlottesville surrounding the removal of Confederate statues. The F. Driving Records.

How Can I Get my Criminal Record Expunged in Virginia?

Similarly your driving record, that report containing all moving violations, accidents, license suspensions, DUIs, and other issues, will be requested by insurance companies and some employers. Virginia offers several options, including 5- and 7-year reports that contain information about your performance as a driver in any state. Copies are available to order from this site. Financial and Civil Reports. When seeking a major loan, a position of authority and responsibility, to immigrate, a lease on a home, or other significant milestone that requires approval, your financial background will also be checked through a report compiled by a Consumer Reporting Agency. These organizations collect information on your credit card debt, bankruptcies, residency, past employment, loan defaults, civil judgements, and bank balances to evaluate your financial health. The information contained in the report may also reveal the possibility that your identity has been compromised due to credit cards or loans taken in your name fraudulently.