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I thought they were so young until I saw this website. They are so cute, in my opinion, and they love to play. She was just tired my vet said. But, how I knew she was ready to go, she had no interest in water, food or anything.

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I had other cats too that lived long. I take excellent care if them. My present cat just turned 8 yrs on July 4, , Kay, she is still very active.

How to calculate next age of a person’s birthday in Excel?

She gets the raw everyday, but is given the kibble the rest of the day. I began giving her Greenies to keep her teeth white.

I bought many objects now to clean her teeth, a rubber fish U put cat nip in, the rubber fish has nubs on it that cleans teeth as the cat bites the fish. Niffy idea! I also bought those cleaning dental pads to wipe her teeth clean, figured that might allow her to get used to things in her mouth. I read up about those drops U put in water to prevent tartar, from medical advice the veterinary view was not to do it.

Nothing really works better than good brushing everyday. I have discovered this is the best way to go for excellent dental care for your pets.

calculate age of person by DOB vs. system date

Princess sounds like she was a beautiful kitty. I loved reading about her and her long and splendid life! I just lost my baby Mercedes — a breathtakingly beautiful calico who loved to trill — she was estimated to be , I adopted her a few years ago.. My kitty was a fighter but we had to give her peace, it was the hardest day of my life. This was in England.

They lived to 21, 19, 18, 17 ,, no vet visits. I live in Aus now and have 2 Bengals who are indoor cats. I must say I feel sorry for them , they should be having loads of fun outdoors. I have two male indoor only cats that are both 19 human years. My cats that I adopted when they were eight, both Mike and Emma lived to eighteen years old. They were indoor cats and this was the longest I ever had pet cats.

Of course, this is the first time I have had indoor only cats. It really does make a difference! Our cat is She comes inside whenever she wants. Do cats that live inside and outside combination have the same life expectancy as cats that live outside all the time?

Thanks for reaching out! Regarding cats being indoor vs. My Cymeric Aspen is 21 as of May She was a rescue cat when I saved her in She had a chip is how I know her age. My son got me a beautiful male pix I Bob for my birthday his the oldest of the two an he loves to talk an play.

How to Find Out About Someone's Age for Free | Synonym

For my 8 month old pixie bob she more prissy. They both are wonderful cats. I have been blessed with these two. My male is the father to my girl an they are so much alot.

PHP: Calculating a person’s age from their date of birth.

You would have thought he gave birth to her. My first batch of indoor always cats have lived to two of them Its been a new experience having them live this long. All were very healthy til fourteen or fifteen. I just had to have my beautiful Calico of 14 yrs 7 months put to sleep. She was not doing well due to unregulated Diabetes and most likely Pancreatitis.

She fought hard for 7 long months but I figured she needed to be free rather than keep sticking her with needles or adding more meds that she would not take anyway.

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I will miss her dearly. So almost 15 so close to 76 or more. My three cats are a 3 yr old Bengal, a 13 yr old Devon Rex and a 23 yr old tuxedo cat. All are doing very well! My current cats are: 16 yrs, 8 yrs, 5 yrs, 4 yrs and 3 months old from oldest to youngest. I also have 2 dogs!

Both 8 years old :. Holy crap, our oldest cat Ginger is over years old!!

How to calculate age from date of birth Excel

Wow, what an interesting article, thank you! Our guy was born on our property in August He is feral, even though we have tried mightily to coax him in. He was 1 of 4 kittens. We kept him because he was so timid and we feared for him. His wonderful mother was feral as well and she taught him, painfully, that we were not to be trusted. Oh, it was okay if she was petted, and crooned over , but he had to keep his distance! She died 3 years ago. She might have been Since he needed help staying warm we took the straw out of their sleep box and put in a heated pad with wool and fleece blankets.

He eats well, both wet and dry food, he likes courses. Still plays, comes when called, and hears well. Our son installed a cat cam and watching him yesterday I called him and instantly his head popped up and he came to the deck. The cat cam is so comforting as we can keep an eye on him. Love the website, there are so many cat lovers! Straw is preferred as it works well with moisture. If you want to make an outdoor house for feral cats, there is an inexpensive way to do it- just Google it and it shows you all the steps and what you need.

You just may be surprised one day when he decides to come in and be an indoor cat! We had 2 feral cats many years ago. I put food under bush for them, and moved it nearer to door every day. Eventually got them to eat inside door, and then kitchen. I would lay on hall floor to b at their height, and put my hand out to them. It took about 6 months, but did come in.